Eowyn’s Enchieridion
A Common-place Book on the Web
Interests reflected on this website include:
    Insular Art -- Irish, Anglo-Saxon, Pictish
    SCA Scrolls
    Elizabethan Embroidery -- Metal Thread, Blackwork, etc.
    Sweet Bags
    Essays on various topics
    Poems written to learn historical alphabets (Ogham and Futhork)
Affiliated with the following organizations:
American Needlepoint Guild (ANG) -- a national embroidery guild, a non-profit educa-tional organization studying and reproducing embroidery done on a countable ground fabric.
Embroiderers Guild of America (EGA) -- national embroidery guild, a non-profit educational organization studying embroidery done with a needle.
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)-- an international historical recreation group an international non-profit educational organization studying and recreating aspects of the European Middle Ages and Renaissance.  SCA, Inc., P.O. Box 360789, Milpitas, CA 95036-0789.
Los Angeles Society for Calligraphy (SfC)-- a local calligraphy guild
Past Times with Good Company -- a living history performance troupe, invited to perform and teach in Britain.
Eowyn Amberdrake is the pen-name of Melinda Sherbring.  This name is specifically for articles and artwork created for use in the historical recreation  and re-enactment milieu.
Eowyn is assumed to be a 7th c. Northumbrian scribe.  She apparently has descendants of the same name in several centuries, to explain the interests  expressed in items of later times.