Eowyn Amberdrake
About Myself
Name: Eowyn Amberdrake
Gender: Female
Persona Birthdate: Feast of St. George, 650 AD
Persona Age: Calculate based on the current persona year being exactly 1300 years before the modern year
Status: Married
Hometown: near Lindisfarne, Northumbria
Education: can read, write, and cypher
Occupation: Scribe
Books: Bishop Eadfrith’s copy of the Gospels; Beowulf
Writers: Bishop Eadfrith, St. Colm Cille, Willibrord, Venerable Bede
Quote: In Principio Erat Verbum
Food: Honey
Travel Desinations: Aberlemno, Durham, Iona
Persona Story
Eowyn was raised near Lindisfarne.  Her father was a Northman she never knew, who left her mother with a piece of amber carved in the shape of a dragon, and her mother gave it to her. That is where she gets her epithet, Amberdrake.  She is a baptized Christian.
She learned to read and write from the Holy Fathers there, the followers of St. Cuthbert.  Bishop Eadfrith, long before he was named Bishop, taught her himself. As a teenager, she went off with a traveling musician.  They were together for several years, traveling around Britain. It was a wonderful, adventurous time, but they were not blessed with children, and she was widowed.  She spent many years as a scribe, but her eyes are not so good any more. She is now married to a traveler from a place far east of Rome.
In time, she will leave the amber drake to her granddaughter, also named Eowyn. A person of that name, and owner of that object were last seen in the late 1500s, traveling North from Mexico with a party of Spaniards.    
SCA Resume
AZ, in pale 3 dragons passant Or and for augmentation, in canton 4 crescents conjoined in saltire horns outward argent (0407 Caid)
1972 - found the SCA at LosCon (World Science Fiction Convention in Los Angeles) Went back home to Al Barran, Outlands, Atenveldt  and tried to join.
1975 - moved to Kingdom of Caid, Barony of the Angels.  Became a founding member of the Canton of Lyondemere
Treasurer, Lyondemere
Seneschal of Lyondemere
1978 (Jan 7) -- Award of Arms from Paul & Carol, West
1978 - 1985 Scribe Armarius Caidis
1978 (April 29) - Leaf of Merit from Gregory & Bevin, West
  Caid becomes a Kingdom, Lyondemere becomes a Barony
1979 (Nov 17) - Order of the Laurel (scribal arts / stained glass) from Balin & Amsha, Caid
1980 (Jan 12) - Winner, Caid’s Arts and Sciences Pentathlon
1981 (July 21) Lion’s Paw of Lyondemere
1981 (Nov 21) -- Order of the Dolphin
1982 (Nov 20) - Order of the Pelican from Adrian & Ealasaid
1983 (Jan 15) -- Legion of Courtesy from Ealasaid
1983 - 1985 Golden Rose Pursuivant (keeper of the Order of Precedence)
1984 - 1987 Director, SCA Board of Directors (BoD)
1984 - 1986 Clarion Queen of Arms, serving under Baldwin of Erebor
1989 - 1990 Coral Herald, Lyondemere
1987 - Chairman of the BoD
1988 (June 4) -- Court Baroness from Dietrich & Deshive
1988 summer - Past Times with Good Company tour of Britain
1988 - 1989 - autocrat, Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, Caid
1991 - 1992 Director, SCA BoD
1992 (May) -- Compleat Anachronist #61 “An Encheiridion: the Education of a Scribe”
1992 - 1993 -- Drop Dead Deputy for Laurel King of Arms (Bruce Draconarius)
1999 - Winner, Caid’s Arts and Sciences Pentathlon
1999 (May) -- Compleat Anachronist #100 artwork for “A Veiled Reference”
2000 (July 15) -- Lion’s Paw of Lyondemere
2001 - 2006 Baroness of Lyondemere
2001 - Member of Team Lyondemere, team winner of Arts & Sciences Pentathlon
2002 (Jun 8) -- Augmentation of Arms -- in canton, a Cross of Caid argent
2002 (Summer) -- Compleat Anachronist #116, “I See By Your Outfit: Order Robes, Medieval and Modern”
2002 (Winter) -- Compleat Anachronist #118, “Characteristically Pictish: an Analysis of Ornament on Carved Stone”
2006 - 2007 Autocrat, Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium, Caid
2006 (Nov 11) -- Granted a personal heraldic title by TRM Sven and Kolfinna. Have submitted for CoA consideration: Hringbogan Herald