Misc Art not scrolls
 The Sexy Sentence was inspired by an article about self-referential language and art. Tall Kings is, of course, from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.  It was done in colored inks, and by now has faded almost to nothingness. The monster illustrated on Twas Brillig (the first verse of  Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky) is from a fountain in Copenhagen.  The harp played by the Faun Harper was drawn from life, watching Sylvia Woods play.  She doesn’t look anything like a faun, however. There is a Season is the passage from Ecclesiastes, done as if it were a manuscript page.  I gave it to my mother. The Gryphon G is original, done on vellum with crushed lapis lazuli as the blue. I sold it in the mid-1970s, and it bought me my art table. The Dragon Head is on a vellum scrap, thus the odd shape.  His eye reflects a man with a cross of St. George on his shield. Thanks for the Fish was made as a thank you for the support of a friend when I needed it -- one who likes dolphins.  It is on vellum, and has dots of gold. T is for Time Machine was created for sale at a Science Fiction convention, and it sold.  It is one of a series of letters done in the style of medieval manuscripts. Cover Kingdoms was a cover I did for Tournaments Illuminated, back when there were only nine kingdoms in the Known Worlde.
Faun Harper
Misc Art