The first two are based on photos from the Past Times With Good Company tour of Britain in 1988.  We were dancing in Elizabethan garb in the courtyard of Haddon Hall.  Sellinger’s Round features Giles Hill of Sweetwater and Angelina Nicolette de Beaumont.  Heart’s Ease features Giles and Alinor Bellisima Montgomery.
The Gillyflower Sweet Bag / nametag is on 40-count linen, and was an exercise in learning Plaited Braid Stitch. I designed the Black Rose Bag for teaching flecked style blackwork.  The pattern is available from Griffin Dyeworks.
The lapels were created for a velvet vest.  It was also the piece that allowed me to pass Step 3 of the EGA Master Craftsman, Counted Thread program.
Pattern Jazz is a playing piece with only two patterns (words and music to “When the Saints Go Marching In”). One quarter is in French. The patterns are done in red to form the word Jazz, and thicker thread was used to create a shadow of a trumpet.
The Blackwork Anthology is a project recreating historical examples the different techniques that have been called Blackwork.  There are more in process.
The Nametag Pouch is a teaching piece, and allows me to carry the threads and needles for Blackwork in my nametag.
The Sampler of Threads compares various weights of black thread, and is used as a reference.
Blackwork Is Fun is my interpretation and filling choices in an EGA Group Correspondence Course designed by Judith Logan.
Sellinger’s Round, diapered and pattern darning styles
Heart’s Ease, diapered and pattern darning styles
Gillyflower Bag, diapered style
Black Rose Bag, flecked style
Lapels, diapered and pattern darning styles
Pattern Jazz, an exercise in kinds of patterns
Blackwork Anthology: Diapered & Mixed Flecked and Speckled
Blackwork Anthology: Double Backstitch & Spanish Stitched
Blackwork Anthology: Flecked & Separate Motif
Blackwork Anthology: Blanket Stitch & Assisi-like
Blackwork Anthology: Speckled
SamplerOfThreads comparing their weights
BW is Fun.                      GCC by Judith Logan
Original Blackwork