Insular Illuminations
The first four are painted with gouache on vellum in the style of the great Insular manuscripts. Imago Draconis and Imago Gryphis were inspired by St. Mark’s page of the Gospel manuscripts London, British Library ms. Cotton Otho C. V (burned) and Paris, Bibl. Nat. ms. lat. 9389 (aka Echternach Gospels), both of which have a very similar stylized lion.  Avis Cenannensis is a bird in the style of the Book of Kells. Hringbogen is inspired by an ornament on the base of the gold bowl shown in the painting.  The quotation is from Beowulf, in Old English. Dragon Lover is an original design, on paper. The Color Knot is based on a design on the side of St. Patrick’s Bell.  
Imago Draconis
Imago Gryphis
Avis Cenannensis
Dragon Lover
Color Knot
Insular Illuminations