Curriculum Vitae
About Myself
Name: Melinda Sherbring
Gender: Female
Age: over 50
Birthday: April 23
Status: married
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Education: BS Mathematics, minors in English and Electrical Engineering;  MS Computer Science.
School: NMSU
Occupation: Engineer, Artist, and Freelance Writer
Books: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien; Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond; Return to Sodom and Gammorah by Charles Pellegrino
Writers: Jared Diamond, Edward  T. Hall, J. R. R. Tolkien.
Quote: “Ancora Imparu” (“Still Learning”)
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)  -- My local region (called a Kingdom) is Caid (pronounced ka-EED).
Collegium Caidis is Caid’s semi-yearly weekend of classes relevant to SCA members. Each class is either 2 or 4 hours long. The annual corporate-level Heraldry Symposia also offer a weekend of classes.   I have taught these classes at both venues over the past 30 years, some of them many times. 
Publications and Classes
Television Appearances
Sew Much More - Home and Garden Network, episode SMM-102. Five minutes talking about her  Blackwork Designs
Books Illustrated
Hrisoulas, Jim.   The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection. Boulder, CO: Paladin Press. 1987.   I did half the line drawings for the book, which is about forging pattern-welded-steel swords and knives.
Cover Illustrations
Covers for Crown Prints (monthly magazine)
Heart’s Ease – Aug 2002 - blackwork design based on Elizabethan dancers
Challenge at the Barrier – June 2002 – line drawing of 2 teams of knights at tournament
Elizabethan Dancers – 1991 – drawing of other Elizabethan dancers
Covers for Ars Caidis (quarterly magazine)
The Maiden Stone – July 1999 – drawing of Pictish stone
Aberlemno Kirkyard Stone – April 1998 – drawing of Pictish carvings
Elizabethan Coverlet – Jan 1997 – design from  embroidered Elizabethan coverlet
Booklets Written
Scroll Texts of Caid. Issued by the Kingdom of Caid in Nov. 1982.  In use until second edition replaced it in 1996.
A Lymner’s Roll,  Self-published, © 1985.  Out of Print -- a coloring book of the Arms of all Kingdoms, Principalities, and Baronies of the SCA Known World
Glossary of Terms, version 1 1986 for SCA College of Arms (CoA)
Rules for Submissions.  Co-written with Bruce Miller. Aug. 1986 for CoA.
Determination of Difference.  Co-written with Bruce Miller. Aug. 1986 for CoA
A Lymner’s Roll II  self published, © 1991.  Available from the publisher. -- , Being a Roll of the Arms of all Kingdoms, Principalities, Baronies, and Provinces of the Known World, updated from Lymner’s Roll.  
An Enchiridion: The Education of a Scribe,  CA #61, May 1992, SCA, Inc. Milpitas, CA. --  Collection of articles, some previously published, plus some new articles.  Available from the SCA Stock Clerk.
The Book of SCA Questions.  Self published.  January 1992.  Out of Print.
An Embroiderer’s Introduction to Heraldry, self-published. April 2001. Booklet for EGA class.
Caidan Lands Roll. Self-published. April 2003, includes New Zealand groups.
Books Edited
Caidan Bardic Circle Tape Songbooks 1-5 (1988)  (editing and layout) -- five books to go with the 5 tapes of performances
Scribal Proceedings, HP 1989 in Caid (layout) -- edited by Leslie Schweitzer
Heraldic Proceedings, HP 1989 in Caid (layout) -- edited by Robert MacHott
The Herald’s Hymnal, HP 1989 in Caid (layout) -- edited by Jill Blackhorse
Symposium Roll of Arms, HP 1989 in Caid (layout and editing)
Armorial Display, CA #50, July 1990 (editing only)
Symposium Proceedings: Volume I: Scribes, HPC 1996 (layout and editing)
Symposium Proceedings: Volume II: Heralds, HPC 1996 (layout and editing)
A Veiled Reference, CA # 100 May 1999 (artwork  and editing)
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