Elizabeth’s Courage, a sweet bag in the style ca. 1600, and matching Butterfly Pin Pillow.  The latter is complete, the former is not.  
The Tempus Sampler is Step 1 of EGA’s Master Craftsman in Counted Thread Program.  The designs are based on those in the Lindisfarne Gospels, the great Anglo Saxon work written and illuminated by Bishop Eadfrith ca. 700 AD. The quotation is Latin for “A time to rend and a time to sew.” S is for Scribe is Step 2 of MCCT, an Assisi embroidery design based on the illuminated lettering style found in Romanesque manuscripts. The pattern is available from Hedgehog Handworks. The Pictish Cross Carpet Page is Step 4 of MCCT. It is an extrapolation of what a the cross carpet page in a Pictish Gospels manuscript of ca. 700 AD might look like.
The Shaded Knot Cross Stitch was designed to use variegated thread, and I stitched it while touring in Ireland and England. Pictish Story Pieces was designed and stitched as part of the ANG Master Needle Artist program. Eliza is a doodle piece, providing a sample of various Elizabethan metal thread stitches.
Eowyn Amberdrake Arms is my first tent-stitched piece, done in wool on 18-count canvas. The Pull Toy Research piece was designed by me, commissioned and stitched by Joady Gorelick for display on the White House tree.
Elizabeth’s Courage, side 1 of the sweet bag
Pin Pillow: Butterfly side
Pin Pillow: Initials Side
Tempus Sampler, designs based on the Lindisfarne Gospels
S is for Scribe, a Romanesque Dragon S
Pictish Cross Carpet Page, an exercise in Pulled Thread
Shaded Knot
Pictish Story Pieces, using a quilt design style with ancient motifs
Eliza, a sampler of Elizabethan Metal Thread Stitches
Eowyn Amberdrake Arms
Pull Toy Research
My Embroidery Designs